13 Apr 18 Treanor Pujol supply 31.500m² of precast concrete hollowcore slabs for the new IKEA in Sheffield, UK

Treanor Pujol have manufactured and supplied the precast concrete flooring included in the latest “mega store” built by the Swedish international company in the UK. The hollowcore slabs have been manufactured and transported from the Treanor Pujol factory in Leeds

Treanor Pujol, part of the Prefabricats Pujol group, designs, manufactures, supplies and installs precast concrete flooring products in the UK. Since its start up in 2010, TP has steadily developed in the UK construction market. This this progression has enabled the major UK Construction company Clugstons to trust in the professionals at Treanor Pujol to design, manufacture and supply the hollowcore flooring included in this Project.

The Design and Construction of the IKEA “mega store” has the accolade of being the twentieth store built by the company in the UK. The store, built in the outskirts of Sheffield, has an area of 31.500m² distributed on two floors.

As is part of the IKEA business culture, apart from the floors dedicated to the detailed exposition and selling of furniture and home accessories, in Sheffield the complex includes office areas, product stores, collection points, logistics and other services such as infant areas, cafeterias and parking…

The Construction of this new IKEA has been a key factor for the development of the local economy in Sheffield, and the population of Yorkshire with the creation of 500 jobs. Apart from a sales outlet, from a technical point of view, this building es completely self-sustaining and operates nearly 100% with the use of renewable energies.