07 Nov 18 Treanor Pujol is contracted to build the floors in seven schools at different points around the UK

The pupils at english Martyrs School in Hartlepool started term with a new classroom block, Treanor Pujol was part of the design team. After this successful project Treanor Pujol are involved in the design and build of two more schools in Newcastle upon Tyne, and Bradford. Following on from this, it is forcast that they will help build four more schools in the north east during next year

Last September, Treanor Pujol completed the supply of 9.000 m² of 200mm deep hollowcore flooring for the new installations at English Martyrs School in Hartlepool, in the North East of England. The Education Department required that the classroom block would be built, fitted out and ready to be opened for the start of the new school year. Confronted with a very tight Construction Program of only two months, Treanor Pujol and the rest of the design team worked together to delivered the new installation.

Treanor Pujol was trusted with the design, manufacture and supply of three floors in the new steel frame building. The Construction Project, that was divided up into 3 phases, amounted to 150 articulated lorry loads of precast concrete products arriving “just in time” on site in the town of Hartlepool from the factory in Leeds.

Leading on from the success of English Martyrs school, the Principal Contractor BAM, has awarded the company Treanor Pujol with the task of supplying and installing hollowcore slabs for the floors in a number of different schools projected throughout the area. Currently, Treanor Pujol are part of the construction design team building Whickham School in Newcastle upon Tyne and New College in Bradford.