19 Jul 18 Greenwich, for the third time in a row Treanor Pujol are involved in building a new IKEA in the UK

First it was Sheffield, then Exeter and now in the South East of London, Greenwich. Once again, IKEA have trusted in Treanor Pujol to manufacture and supply all the hollowcore slabs used in thier new building

Over recent years, IKEA has consolidated and expanded across the UK and Ireland. With their special attention to detail, the new IKEA in Greenwich, situated in Millennium Way Park, has been designed taking into account how the people of London live and work, focusing on the specific requirements of the potential customers.

This unique 32.000 m² “megastore” is distributed on two floors counting on a 1.200 m² roof garden where a 240 m² Pavillion is situated, a garden and restaurant with spectacular views over the London Business district in Canary Warf. This IKEA will operate as a community centre with shared spaces and relaxation areas, services that enable IKEA to re-invent the shopping experience.

There has been very close, and constructive, cooperation between members of the Design Team and the clients Principal Contractor, McLaughlin and Harvey. In only four months, Treanor Pujol has designed, manufactured and supplied a total of 18.000 m² of 250 millimetre deep hollowcore units that make up the flooring on the different levels in the building. Today, as planned, the intense construction work continues and the building is on course for opening at the start of next year, 2019.