06 Jun 18 Building starts on a major MSCP near to London, Treanor Pujol is part of the construction team

Treanor Pujol will supply 13.000m² of 200 mm deep hollowcore slabs for a new 4 floor carpark 25 miles from the centre of London. The multistorey carpark will have capacity for 800 parking spaces and, as planned, will open to the public during october 2018

Amersham is a community in the London metropolitan area, the zone with the highest intensity of working population in the European Community. A consequence of this increasing density of population is that there is continual requirement to improve and expand services to it. In the case of Amersham, doubling the size of an existing car-park at the Railway station with this MSCP will improve the flow of commuters and transport, giving improved facilities to the local workforce and visitors.

The Principal Contractor is Balfour Beatty, one of the biggest construction companies in the UK, has chosen Treanor Pujol to work with them from the project design stage, through to manufacture, supply and installation, a complete service that can offer to all Treanor Pujol clients.

Appropriately, the Design Project consists of a structural Steel frame with hollowcore slabs. As with all projects in the UK, the products will be manufactured supplied and transported from the Leeds factory.

Within the scope of Works, Treanor Pujol will provide “Progressive Collapse” design, a system for tying the precast concrete slabs into the Steel frame, structural topping and finished pavement.