27 Apr 18 Treanor Pujol supports Leeds United by advertising in their Elland Road Stadium

The Treanor Pujol brand name is extending throughout the UK. From this season until 2020, the company that is part of the Prefabricats Pujol group in Leeds supports the local team in their ambition to progress up to a place in the English Premier Division.

In 2009 the Pujol Group acquired the Leeds factory, in the county of West Yorkshire, England. Treanor Pujol was created and the group became international, taking on and investing in what was an un-known UK construction market with great ambition.

Today, Treanor Pujol manufactures, supplies and installs precast concrete flooring products, beam and block, hollowcore and solid slabs, or stairs across the UK. It’s a Yorkshire based company that, over the past few years, has undergone remarkable development in the UK Construction market. It has grown to be able to successfully undertake prime projects for major commercial labels such as IKEA, Tesco, Aldi, Lidl, Waitrose, Marks and Spencers, and Sainsburys supermarkets, or institutional installations such as Care Homes or Her Majesty Prison at Wolverhampton.

As part of its business culture the Pujol Group supports many local and national clubs, including FC Barcelona, and so wanted to do the same in the UK by supporting Leeds United Football Club. They do this by buying advertising rights in the Elland Road Stadium where every week more than 40,000 supporters follow their team, and also enjoy the rest of the teams in the Championship League or other events such as the English International Rugby, famous musicians and bands.

Through the publicity installations that surround the pitch, more than highlighting the commercial label, what the Pujol Group implicitly wants to show is their commitment with the community and another message which is perhaps more important, the values with which it identifies itself.