02 Mar 21 Treanor Pujol manufactures a new “wide beam”

Treanor Pujol LTD has commenced production of a new “wide beam” product to enhance its current beam and block flooring range

This product will complement the current profiles available and will allow longer spans and increased loads to be accommodated for various housing scheme projects, whilst maintaining a 155mm depth. Over the last 12 months a vast amount of research and development has been undertaken and all departments within the company have assisted in providing the details and information required to ensure that this product can satisfy the needs of our customers.

A significant investment has been made by the company to not only permit the manufacture of this product but to also develop our beam and block flooring systems;

Our beam and block solution now incorporates “insulated flooring”, a system that Treanor Pujol has developed. We can now offer the market and our customers a highly efficient suspended floor which can provide flexible U Value performances to meet the specifications required within the UK market.

Meeting specific design criteria and ensuring that high levels of quality can be achieved has been our number one priority.