10 Oct 19 380 New Homes around Yorkshire built using Treanor Pujol Beam and Block

Treanor Pujol is supplying and fixing prestressed beam and block floors for housing developments in Bradford and Sheffield

Working with Sigma Housing and their development partners Engie, we are proud to be playing our part in delivering a targeted 20,000 new rental homes across key regional cities in England.

For projects running from 2018 through to 2020, Treanor Pujol is supplying 34,817 linear metres of TP155mm Housebeam and TP225mm deep beam. The block and beam flooring is being installed across 3 developments, located in the nearby cities of Sheffield and Bradford.

The prestressed concrete beams have an inverted ‘T’ cross section. Easily integrated into a composite flooring system, they can span up to 8m under typical residential loading.

They make an ideal flooring solution for new housing developments, due to easy handling and quick installation. Infill blocks provide an immediate working platform.

Technical information on our prestressed concrete beams, including section profiles and properties is available freely via our website.