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on September 24, 2014

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Product Range | hollowcore

We are able to offer a full and comprehensive product range from our production facility in Leeds, from 100mm deep solid planks to 500mm deep hollowcore flooring units.

TP 100100mm2.39 kN/m2
TP 150150mm2.37 kN/m2
TP 150 Sound150mm3.02 kN/m2
TP 200200mm2.97 kN/m2
TP 250250mm3.27 kN/m2
TP 300300mm4.07 kN/m2
TP 400400mm5.03 kN/m2
TP 500500mm6.02 kN/m2
Hollowcore product range

At Treanor Pujol we are focused on meeting our customers requirements. From the initial design stage through to the completion of a project our expert team are on hand to offer our comprehensive support and advice.

Our hollowcore products are designed in accordance with BS 8110 and strict quality assurance procedures are in place during manufacturing and material testing.

Speed of Erection

Precast flooring is quick to install and vastly reduces the time consuming site activities associated with insitu forms of construction, as detailed below.

  • - Propping is generally not required
  • - Minimum insitu concrete work
  • - Immediate working platform
  • - Factory formed service holes etc.
  • - Edge shuttering kept to a minimum

Design Flexibility

All the precast concrete units are designed to the requirements of BS 8110 1997. The standard Treanor Pujol prestressed sections are designed for moderate exposure conditions and to meet the serviceability criteria of Class 2 members. High tensile steel wire or strand is used for the prestressing tendons, in various configurations to suit particular spans and design loadings.

Treanor Pujol will provide layout drawings for the floor hollowcore slabs prior to manufacture. These drawings show the structure supporting the precast units, position of service entries etc, typical sections and the loads for which the floor is designed.

Precast flooring can be used with masonry, steel, insitu and precast forms of construction and offers the following design benefits:

  • - Superior span and loading capabilities when compared with insitu construction
  • - Can easily accommodate progressive collapse details to satisfy building regulations
  • - Provides Excellent sound resistance
  • - Shelf angle bearing to reduce storey heights
  • - Structural efficiency


Precast Flooring is factory produced and therefore manufactured in a controlled environment resulting in the following benefits:

  • - Quality control systems applied to the manufacturing process
  • - Manufactured in accordance with relevant British standards
  • - Preformed holes, notches, splayed ends and other details
  • - Soffit finish achieved by manufacturing on high quality steel beds
  • - Strict Health and Safety policy applied

All materials used in the manufacturing process conform to the requirements of the relevant British Standard. The floor planks are cut to the required length on the manufacturing bed. They are supplied to site with plain sawn open ends as standard, other details such as solid ends, reduced ends and open cores can be provided. Holes can also be formed during manufacture, the size and position depending upon the design criteria.

Suitable Applications

  • - Retail
  • - Hotels
  • - Car parks
  • - Schools
  • - Hospitals
  • - Care homes
  • - Office buildings
  • - Residential

Lifting Hooks

Lifting hooks can be cast into our hollowcore units (when required) to make the installation process quicker, easier and also safer. As they eliminate the need for tradition lifting chains they also reduce the risk of damage to soffits and blockwork.

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Technical details for hollowcore

hollowcore section

If you're looking for more detailed information (loads & spans, diagrams, ...) visit the hollowcore technical details section.

hollowcore projects

In this slideshow you can see some examples of hollowcore projects we have completed.

Take a look at our project gallery to view full size pictures of hollowcore.