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on September 24, 2014

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The Benefits
  • Ease and speed of Installation.
  • Units can be placed in all weather conditions.
  • Immediate working platform.
  • Simple accommodation of site services.
  • All floor finishes can be applied.
  • Fire resistance of 0.5 for the 155mm House Beams and 1 hour for the 225mm Deep Beams
  • Factory produced to rigorous quality standards
Treanor Pujol Ltd manufactures a 155mm deep beam denominated House Beam and a 225mm deep beam denominated Deep Beam. These beams are made of prestressed concrete and have an inverted 'T' beams cross-section that enables them to be integrated into composite flooring systems. These beams are commonly used for housing, standard walling blocks are placed between them to form a beam and block floor.

The beams and blocks are easily handled and therefore quick and easy to install on site offering a low cost suspended floor solution. Under normal residential loading, the 155mm House Beam can span well over 6 metres while the 225mm Deep Beam can span upto 8 metres.

More than 20,000 linear meters of beams are available in permanent stock in our yard, which enables us to offer the customer great flexibility in the supply.

Infill blocks

Infill blocks placed between beams are made with standard solid light aggregate/concrete 440 x 215 x 100mm to BS6073 : Part 1 : 1981. They have a minimum compressive strength of 3.5 N/mm2 or 7.0 N/mm2 and a minimum traverse load capacity of 3.5 kN on a 420mm span.

Slip blocks

"beam and block offers a low cost suspended floor solution"Slip blocks placed between beam supports to fill the gap beneath the infill block are made with standard solid light aggregate/concrete to BS6073 : Part 1 : 1981. Like the infill blocks, they have a minimum compressive strength of 3.5 N/mm2 or 7.0 N/mm2. The slip blocks for the 155mm House Beam are 172mm x 90mm x 40mm, while the slip blocks for the 225mm Deep Beam are 172mm x 97mm x 105mm.


Once beams and blocks have been placed, grout is applied as soon as possible to seal the joints. Grout consists of a nominal 3:1 sharp sand/cement mix. Once the surface of the beam and blocks has been “wetted”, the grout is brushed over the floor with a stiff broom. This process ensures that the grout penetrates into the joints to provide an integrated and rigid construction.


Blocks can be easily removed in order that service ducts can pass through the floor. Once the required service duct is positioned, the floor can be finished.


All normal finishes (e.g. sand/cement screed, chipboard on polystyrene or battens) can be applied to the top surface of the beam and block floors. When high imposed loads are involved a reinforced structural screed may be used. In the case of domestic garages a 50 mm concrete structural screed with a minimum compressive strength of 30 N/mm² reinforced with A98 steel mesh must be designed. The rough finish provided of Treanor Pujol slip-form beams provides an ideal key for the structural topping in forming a composite floor cross-section.

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Technical details for beam and block

beam and block section

If you're looking for more detailed information (loads & spans, diagrams, ...) visit the beam and block technical details section.

beam and block projects

In this slideshow you can see some examples of beam and block projects we have completed.

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