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on September 24, 2014

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about us

"Treanor Pujol design, manufacture and install precast concrete products throughout the UK" At Treanor Pujol we are fully focused on supplying high quality products to the construction market whilst establishing and maintaining an excellent level of customer service. Based in Leeds, we operate the site formerly occupied by Bison Concrete where they produced precast concrete products for nearly 90 years since their formation in 1919. The site gives Treanor Pujol the capacity to produce a significant quantity of the flooring markets requirements and also produce other bespoke products in the recently built "cube" facility on the same site.

Our hollowcore shed has the ability to manufacture 616,000 m2 of flooring products ranging from solid planks to 500 mm deep hollowcore and 155 or 225 prestressed concrete beams. We offer a wide range of products for flooring systems like beam and block or hollowcore, also walls, stairs and terrazzo. Additionally we can offer our services for any type of installation.

"We have the ability to manufacture 616,000 squared meters of flooring products" Treanor Pujol also has the benefit of utilising the experience, technology and expertise of Prefabricats Pujol. The Catalan based company has been manufacturing and Installing precast concrete structural elements for over 60 years. Continuous expansions of their facilities and workforce have placed the company at the forefront of the Spanish market. They currently have ten manufacturing plants across Spain producing structural columns, hollowcore floors, walls, stairs, roof beams, bridge beams, tunnel sections and pipework etc. The extensive range of products allow Prefabricats Pujol to provide precast solutions for schools, hospitals, housing, retail, industrial, car parks, agriculture, sports, commercial, infrastructure and more.


At Treanor Pujol we are focused on meeting our customers requirements. From the initial design stage through to the completion of a project our expert team are on hand to offer our comprehensive support and advice. With a full range of flooring products (beam and block, hollowcore and terrazzo) ranging from 100mm to 500mm depth and potential spans exceeding 18m our technical team can offer the appropriate solution to meet your requirements.

Our products are designed in accordance with BS 8110 and strict quality assurance procedures are in place during manufacturing and material testing.

The experience

In the early 1980's Terry Treanor, former Chief Executive of Bison Concrete and the Pujol brothers of Prefabricats Pujol met through their involvement in the precast concrete industry and strong links between the Treanor and Pujol families were formed. Since then, the relationship has continued to grow and has culminated in the formation of Treanor Pujol Limited.

Treanor Pujol Leeds facility
Head Office (Mollerussa – Catalunya - Spain)
Cement Facility
Tunnel rings factory
Wire factory
Terrazzo factory
Hollowcore and Beam and Block facility
 Prefabricated Structures factory
Hollowcore and Beam and Block facility
Wall panel factory